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February 14 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 03:04 ]
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Filmed in HD and presented with the highest quality download of any other BDSM site, Hogtied presents its first movie that will be submitted to AVN for their year-end awards. Four Friends on vacation in Cabo San Lucas during the DA?Aa de los Muertos festiva get drawn into the supernatural world of the dead. During the night the girls dream, and their dreams become a reality--or do they. All four friends are bound for hours as the Dead use them at will. Friends are forced to orally service each other as the Dead control all four girls though out the entire night.


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February 12 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 13:48 ]
Bdsm blog Bdsm comix
Please welcome yet another fresh and sexy new face to Hogtied. Veronica Jett is as cute as they cum. Tanned, shaved, and petite, this little girl comes to us thinking she likes bondage. However, she has never experienced anything like Hogtied, so this update is all about discovering what she really likes and dislikes. Double binds, a merciless fucking machine, and orgasm after orgasm make up just a fraction of what happens to this newcomer. Not to ruin it for anyone, but in this update she almost orgasms herself into unconsciousness. A beautiful girl and beautiful bondage make a pretty nice Forth of July treat!

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Posted by bdsmsex  [ 02:05 ]
Bdsm erotic stories Torture bdsm
Claire Dames is trying to work out in the gym before her big shoot. At the same time our custodian (who was burnt in a nasty fire and must wear a mask to hide his horrible scarring) decides its time to clean the gym. Claire, being the famous porn star she is takes offense to the horribly disfigured man bothering her work out and gives him an attitude worthy of most famous people. Let's skip to the end: Man decides to teach Famous Porn Star a lesson in attitude adjustment. Porn Star gets tied up, and is made to cum, over and over. Claire gets her huge tits abused and the burnt man has the time of his life.

DeviceBondage goes to the edge portraying beautiful women deriving pleasure from BDSM play while restrained with various metal, leather and wooden devices.

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February 10 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 05:09 ]
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The early morning finds all the girls awake and in bondage. Donna is forced to bake in the hot sun, staked out in the lawn. Jenny Lee gets stretched between two trees pulled in opposite directions. Jenya, in the Hot tub, takes a relaxing soak with Matt. The Sgt. brings back Darling from the mountains, and her and Jenya act as a human clothesline for Matt's wet towels. As the afternoon drags on, Donna takes a jeep ride to the jungle, as her outing with the Sgt. begins. Have a great weekend and I hope you enjoy the BONUS update.



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February 09 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 10:55 ]
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In a Hogtied exclusive, Sara appears in her first modeling experience anywhere. Sara is 18 years old with huge natural breasts. She came to us as a rare walk-in interview off the street. Ever since she can remember she has loved the feel of bondage. Before the shoot, she said she hoped to be tied up tightly, punished and made to cum. She got what she asked for and much more. Hogtied made a bondage slut out of Sara, and she will be back for more!

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February 07 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 06:51 ]
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Welcome Devaun to her first Hogtied appearance. What a debut it was! We subjected this first timer to one of our hardest, most brutal formats Hogtied has to offer: the live format. No cuts, no breaks, all on screen tying and untying. You see it all - unedited, real BDSM action as it happened. All the joy and all the agony. The safe words, the pain, the forced orgasm, and the beauty of pure spontaneity. Hang on for a fast paced trip into one of Hogtied's most successful shoots; Real Time Hogtied at its best.

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February 06 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 13:30 ]
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Adrianna has a rack most mortal men can only dream of. Securely bound, she is paddled and caned. Then she is rewarded with the magic wand. At the end of the shoot, she is sprayed down.


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Posted by bdsmsex  [ 03:58 ]
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Lorelei is no stranger to bondage. She has done some of the most intense on-camera BDSM scenes ever filmed. Perhaps this is what makes cyd push the limits with the severity of Lorelei's shoot. She starts off on all fours. A metal collar around her neck is held in place by chains going off in four different directions. Chains hold her wrists and ankles in place with metal cuffs while a metal belt around her waist forces her back down and her ass up. She is already wet and nothing has even happened yet. cyd begins to cane her ass and she cries out in muffled sobs, her eyes wide with surprise at the severity of her punishment. She finds the metal allows her no motion as red marks swell up on her ass. But Lorelei's pussy gives her away; it is dripping and hot. Next, the singletail adds just a dash of stinging pain to her welts. As a reward she gets the attitude adjuster deep in her cunt and the vibrator increases the stimulation until she canA?aa?t hold back any more. She knows her place, asking politely to come. Her reward doesn't last long. An ass hook is thrust into her anus and her asshole is chained tightly to a pole above her head, leaving her even more immobilized than she thought possible. Now leather straps bind her legs apart, arms up in the air. Her tits & pussy are flogged as Lorelei's gaze remains steadily on the floor. She can handle pain, but something in her face says perhaps this was a bit more than she was expecting. Clothespins pinch tender bits of flesh on her breasts, torso, and pussy and Lorelei lets out shaky moans through her gag. She holds her own, challenging him in the depths of her eyes. So he raises it a notch, ripping off all the clothespins at once, leaving Lorelei to come in a drooling, moaning heap. He's won again. Later on, Lorelei finds herself face down again, strapped to a sawhorse. She is skewered like a pig, stuck fast, with one pole down her throat and another in her cunt. Lorelei's still-tender ass is flogged once again. She cries and fights through the gag, wiggling her feet in defiance, but they are the only thing she can move. Nosehooks are the final humiliation, and yet still there is a challenging look in her eyes.

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February 05 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 10:39 ]
Bdsm symbol Torture bdsm movie
She claims to be extremely submissive. She's only done a few shoots since college but she says she wants the bondage to be "tight". She wants to be controlled, unable to move, totally helpless and so on. So I set it up and give her what she asks for, but the reality is harsher than the fantasy. I pull her arms back and tie them together. I stretch them up strappado as high as they will go. I can feel her tendons pulling against me. Her legs get the same treatment. It becomes clear that we have different definitions of "tight". She learns mine is synonymous with "totally fucked and desperately aching for relief." She breaks out in a cold sweat and her breathing is a chain of labored gasps. She's afraid now, that maybe she asked for too much, and she definitely wasn't counting on the humiliation when I bind her on her side like a captured veal calf and watch her drool through her gag as dildos and vibrators sink into her holes.


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February 04 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 08:58 ]
Bdsm anal Bdsm symbol
Hogtied welcomes newcomer Alexa Von Tess. If you listen to her interview, it is obvious she has never even been interested in bondage. However her body betrays her, and as the rope goes on, her pussy gets soaking wet. We forced orgasm out of orgasm from her, and she tells us they were the most intense that she has ever had. Not only did Alexa Von Tess love what happened to her, but she took our toughness ties well, and our toughest nipple torment with bravery. A category 4 and 5 suspension- and with her arms bound in a leather binder she milked a hard cock with only her mouth. Not what you expect from a new girl. Alexa cannot wait to do it again and hopes to play in her private life now as well. Hogtied: changing the world one girl at a time.

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February 01 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 11:13 ]
Torture bdsm Gay male bdsm
Later, Alexa moans through the panel gag as she lies on her back with her hands and feet strapped together and chained up in the air. She is suddenly lifted off the ground where she swings back and forth. She screams and whimpers through the gag as her ass and pussy are flogged. Once again a thick cock and a vibrator placate her, and her muffled cries turn to pleasure instead of pain.

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January 29 2009
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 04:28 ]
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I had to take a cold shower after doing the final edit of this movie! Normally I cut out anything boring. In this case, there wasnt much to cut out, and this movie is 45 minutes of intense and sexy interaction. Chanta skillfully restrains Carly and gives her a delighful mix of pleasure and pain, which includes many hard orgasms for Carly.

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